Another day, another diary and comment thread on Daily Kos that again shows that when it comes to matters of reproduction, Americans are incapable of rational thought.

The troll-rating is as usual widely abused to squelch certain kinds of opinions when they involve personal matters.

The relevant excerpt from the diarist:

So, then we try to adopt. We want an infant. We don’t specify race, ethnicity, or whatever, we just want an infant, because we want to raise a baby. After considering some options, we decided we wanted a domestic adoption. Well…. the rules (at least then) would not ALLOW us (a White couple) to adopt a Black child! You read that right. So, we join groups, and we wait. We get an 800 line installed. We publish ads. We do a lot.

We get a call from Texas. A pregnant teen saw our ad and wants us to adopt her baby. HURRAY! We fly down to Texas. We see the baby. Adorable! Cute! A baby! We hold the baby. The mom signs the papers. But where is the bio-dad? Off in Oklahoma. He says he’ll sign. But then he can’t find a fax machine. Then the mom decides she wants the baby herself.

Bye bye baby.

I almost committed suicide over that (thanks to my wife for stopping me).

I’m not doing that again.

We have two kids by artificial insemination. We chose the donor father from a book. They’re our kids.

My replies, since hidden by the diarist and others:

Update: A reply from someone in charge at Daily Kos:

Return-Path: <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 11:19:16 -0700
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Re: [DKos Community] Mass troll-rating abuse
From: Tim Lange <>
To: mike@….net

The diarist did not “threaten suicide.” And the HRs are clearly within the

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 10:25 AM, <mike@….net> wrote:

> Thought you should take a look at
> The diarist openly talked about threatening suicide after being denied an
> infant for adoption, and it is completely within bounds to address that.

To which I reply:

And the diarist replying that “By your logic you should commit suicide
immediately” is OK. Gotcha.

Time to avoid wasting time on your site.

One Response to “Today’s insane breeder rant, and my (troll-rated out of existence) replies”

  1. #1 Marley Greiner says:

    How you continue to slog through DKos amazes me. So much dross; so little time. I once considered blogging there, but for various reasons, including its liberal cluelessness, convinced me after about 3 minutes to abandon all hope. This particular diary, which I also wrote on, aggravated me more than anything NCFA or RTL or the ACLU could ever say about adoption. Mike, You are a true hero!

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