Since there’s been a distinct lack of adoption content here, even though I’ve promised to eventually write on that subject, I thought I’d repost this. This is something that I had to write last night in an invitation-only venue. “OBC” refers to “original birth certificate.”

I am not here to promote adoption. I am not here to create events or other means that others coopt so they can continue strip mining pregnant women for product.

This is about getting information out of the state, without compromise. This is not about teaming up with the industry’s marketing efforts that are not about getting information out of the state, but about continuing and growing their business, and nothing else. They will compromise and bargain away unconditional access to OBC’s because they have no stake in those OBC’s, only their business of selling kids on their own terms independent of the state.

The contents of [an adoption agency's] websites are about the terms by which they move product, not about how bastards everywhere are going to gain their OBC’s.

Update (June 1/5:37pm ET), to include a bit of background:

This is an adoption agency collecting money through a website that makes reference to an “adoptee rights demonstration.” Note on the top of the page that “donations to the cause benefit ABRAZO ADOPTION ASSOCIATES,” the agency itself.

This is a person who is subscribed to an organizer’s mailing list for that same “adoptee rights demonstration,” a list that was set up by the primary organizer of the demonstration. Here she is encouraging donors to give money to that same adoption agency.

This is my partner’s resignation from an organizing role with that “adoptee rights demonstration.”

Update (June 2/12:37am ET): The formal announcement by Bastard Nation withdrawing from the event includes even more details on this matter.

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